The Tragic Qld Floods

Things have been quite wet up here in ‘Sunny Qld’.  We were flooded in for a few days after Christmas & are again – although not as bad this time.  My husband has been able to get out through both flood events in his Landcruiser utility but we wouldn’t even attempt it in our Territory, but after about 24-48hrs we can usually get through.  Our cotton crops are ok at this point but will need many hot sunny days to get them growing so that we can make some kind of income out of them.  Some growers just 15kms away have lost 90% of their crop, plus had their houses inundated by the Condamine River.  It just started to look like we were actually going to have a bumper year after many years of drought & losing our winter crops to wet weather.  Also there is much damage to infrastructure such as dams, paddocks & irrigation channels – our expenses this year are going to go through the roof.

 Toowoomba is one of our primary towns for shopping (the other being Pittsworth), so seeing the images that came out of there on Monday was quite shocking for us to say the least.  A friend of ours works in the shopping centre that was inundated & where cars were washed away from when the torrent came through – many videos were taken from this centre, however she luckily had left just prior to the water coming through otherwise her car may have been one of the ones affected.  It took her quite a while to get home – normally it takes us 40 mins to get to Toowoomba, I think she was on the road for nearly 1 ½ hrs.

 My Brother-in-law was building a shed at Helidon which was one of the worst hit areas below Toowoomba, with many lives lost or missing.  He only just made it out, he came to a bridge where he was turned back by Police which he did & when he looked in his rear vision mirror a car that drove through from the opposite direction got swept away in the water… (Unfortunately the one that has been pictured on the news floating in the water with the occupants on top.  The mother & son survived, however no news as far as I am aware of the father).  He got home eventually after detouring all the way down to near Warwick & back up to Toowoomba, and they closed the road behind him – some days you can be so lucky.

 I think that all Australians feel what is going on in some way, whilst many will not be personally affected by these flood events, I think all of us , I will never forget how I felt watching the situation unfold in Victoria with the horrific events that happened there nearly 2 years ago.

 It has been really hard to get out & get into photography – partly because I just can’t get anywhere to get the shots, but also because we have nearly been glued to the TV keeping abreast of the situation unfolding across what is now much of the country.  Who could believe that this situation would now be affecting Queensland, New South Wales & Victoria, with some flooding I hear also in Tasmania, South Australia & Western Australia – along with their bushfires.  Plus the Northern Territory is coming into their wet season.  It is just becoming too hard to believe.

Below are some photos of the photos of the water around our house when the flood was at its peak (here) after Christmas.  

Meg K        


IMG_3231 – Clinton my husband driving a tractor up to our ringtank (dam) to make sure the walls hadn’t washed away – you can see slippage on the outside wall behind the tractor.

IMG_3243 – View of our house from the east when the water was at its peak just a few days after Christmas.

IMG_3244 – View of our house from the south west – water at peak.

IMG_3248 – Water running between our garage & machinery shed, the water was up to our knees, that’s my vegie garden in the middle..

IMG_3204 – Our driveway before the peak

IMG_3209 – The road to Toowoomba, we weren’t game to drive through this even in the Cruiser, to the right is one of our paddocks of cotton under quite a bit of water.  This is not the farm on which we live.

IMG_3214 – Our mailbox & driveway

IMG_3219 – the bottom left of this photo is where we drive up to our garage, a garden, sheds & machinery line up in background.

2 thoughts on “The Tragic Qld Floods

  1. It is hard to imagine what you all must be going through. The news in the US show images that are unbelievable, I pray the water recedes. I also pray your crops turns out ok this year. stay safe -Kim

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