New Blog, New Focus, (nearly a) New Year.

2013. This year has really been a year of ups & downs for us and it certainly has been & gone very quickly!  Earlier this year Clinton’s parents sold the farm after nearly 80 years of it being in their family.  It was certainly a trying time, but we really believe that everything happens for a reason & we are very happy & fortunate to be where we are now.

The past 3 weeks for me has been really exciting for me with a new role & new focus for the future.  I am now an Independent Director of the Grains Research Foundation Ltd and will be doing some exciting work with them & the younger generation of grain farmers in Queensland.  This is on top of the work I do with the Australian Sunflower Association.  It feels great to be doing some work that I am passionate about again!

I’ll have some more updates on both our family & work life soon, however for now I had better go & get my house in some kind of order after a few busy days!

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