2015 Goal – Agvocate!

I took part in a Twitter conversation today. It changed my outlook on what my goals are for 2015!

The American AgChat Foundation hold a weekly Twitter conversation using #agchat. Today’s conversation was on 2015 Agvocacy Goals/Resolutions. I usually don’t get to join in on the Australian version called #AgChatOZ, as it is on at the same time as dinner here at the zoo! For me, the #AgChat convo is on at a more reasonable 11am to 1pm fo me here in Australia. Well, reasonable if it is not school holidays!

I also took part in the last 20 minutes of the #BlogChat Twitter conversation earlier this week. Again, this got me thinking about restarting my blog this year.

I had been thinking a lot in recent days about my role in agriculture now that we are no longer farmers. My role as Executive Officer for the Grains Research Foundation is part of my plan, but how else can I share my passion for Agriculture?

Taking part in these two conversations has helped me reevaluate where I sit in the world of Agriculture. I might no longer be able to tell our farming story, but I can share the story of other farmers.

To keep me motivated I would love it if Australian Farmers could share their blog with me. If you don’t have a blog, then you can still share your story by writing a small article sharing your farming story.

Finally, if you are another Ag Blogger who struggles with consistency, then how about we team up to keep each other on track?

Here is to an Agvocacy type of year !

2015 Goal? #Agvocacy! Sunflower
2015 Goal? #Agvocacy!

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