Mandarin Madelines with Mandarin Curd

Mandarin Madeleines with Mandarin Curd

My home town is one of Queensland’s main citrus growing regions. In fact, the town is the “Orange Capital of Queensland! In fact there is a ‘Big Orange’ tourist attraction on the way into Gayndah where you can buy fruit during picking season and other local wares.

My parents are beef producers, not citrus growers, but I love supporting the local citrus farmers whenever I go home to visit my parents by purchasing boxes of oranges and mandarins to bring back & share with my friends and family. My parents also bring down lots of citrus whenever they visit too & last time they brought a box of mandarins with them!

While I love supporting the citrus farmers, I am a bit of a fussy mandarin eater. In fact, some might consider it painful how I eat a mandarin! Miss Six loves them however & Miss Three will drink the juice.

I decided that to get some use out of them that I would adapt a recipe from Rachel Khoo’s first book “The Little Paris Kitchen”.

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