My Three Words for 2014

I have been doing a lot of reading on many topics over the last two or three weeks for a work project that I started in December last year.  One of the many interesting articles I came across was on Chris Brogan’s personal website entitled “My Three Words for 2014″.  I have struggled in the past to maintain any goals I set myself for the year like running, not eating chocolate (ha ha, would never make a crazy goal like that!).  So this form of ‘goal’ setting has been an epiphany for me.  Instead of setting a goal, you select three words that reflect where you would like to focus your whole life in the coming year.

Meg’s Guiding Words for 2014

Meg Kummerow's three words to focus 2014
Meg Kummerow’s three words to focus 2014

My three words for 2014 are:

  • Broaden
  • Challenge
  • Inspire

These cover both my personal life and work life & help keep me focused when I get distracted throughout the week.  For instance, in my personal life, challenge might mean that I want to challenge myself to keep up a fitness regime, but in my work like it might mean that I want to challenge others to think outside their current way of thinking or doing activities on their farm.

Going Forward

Each year you create a new set of Three Words to focus yourself on for the next 12 months.  To be completely honest, I’m not looking forward to having to think of three new words for 2015 as this years words are so meaningful to me at this point, however as the year progresses I’m sure that my focus will change somewhat & three new words will be a welcome change.

What do you think of the three words idea and if you choose to use them I’d love to know what yours are!