Assignment Photos–Part 3

Ok, I’m trying to use these old assignment photos to keep myself motivated for my current assignments!  I am finding it a little bit hard to find the time however to get out & about with the camera at the moment due to the new little addition to our family Emma Louise!  Big sister Georgie loves her lots & we do too!  I’ll get some up-to-date shots of her in the next few days to put up here, but for now here are some of the photos from my third assignment with UR Creative.  Wow, looking back at these shots reminds me of just how long ago I actually took them!  Georgie looks VERY young, it would have to be coming up nearly two years ago actually – I really need to get myself organised & finish this course!


Assignment Photos– Part 2

Well, it was quite some time ago now, but I have completed the first course of my photographic studies with UR Creative.  Much water has passed under the bridge since then, with lots of happenings on the family & farm fronts as well as for my business – Future Focused Business Solutions.

I’ll have some photos of of what’s been happening around here in coming posts, but for now here are some of the images from my second assignment.